The Floral Collection
Stylised lines of flowers blowing in the wind look beautiful on a window sill and there is no watering to do. The original waves have been developed to designs on functional glass.
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The Shoreline Collection
Glass comes from sand and this is the inspiration for this collection. When I was walking along the beach with Fiachra I noticed how the light caught all the sparkly bits of shell and pebble that sat on the tide line.
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The Fractured Collection
I love wavy lines and breaking glass into smaller pieces accentuates the minutiae of patterns held within it.
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Latest Additions
An ever changing selection of panels and platters which reflect my mood. It is wonderful to take an idea and watch it transform in the kiln.
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Welcome to the Glass Studio and Gift Shop at Carnelian Crafts

Welcome to the Glass Studio at Carnelian Crafts, a small family run gift shop and glass studio in Crieff, Perthshire

Tucked away around the corner in Comrie Street Crieff Carnelian Crafts offers more than just Fused Glass lovingly made by me but Glass created by Artisans from all over Britain and beyond including local artist,Peter McDougal, Paul Barcroft, Tom and Kim Atherton, Morpheous Glass, Tabitha Tansey, Julie Langan, Sanders & Wallace and the famous Perthshire Paperweights.

Shop for Simon Drew, Edward Monkton, Carrie Elspeth, Kate Hamilton Hunter, Kazuri, Terramundi Pots and we have the widest range of cards in Crieff  This unique Gift shop offers an aladin's cave of treasures, colourful and quirky for those seeking something a little different for someone special.

Open 10am - 5.30pm Monday-Saturday